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The way a couple sleeps together is an indicator of how well their relationship is. According to modern psychology, a couple’s sleeping style gives subconscious cues about their chemistry and how they are as a couple – is one more dominant than the other? Are they both independent? All these questions can be answered by observing the way they sleep. Here are some common sleeping positions most couples adopt.

Backs to each other but in touch: If you are a couple who sleeps with your backs to each other yet there is some body part that still touches one another such as the foot or hand, it signifies that you both want to coexist as a couple yet enjoy your own space.

Hugging each other: In this sleeping position, the man and woman face each other and sleep in a hug pose. The woman rests her head on the man’s shoulder while the man has his arm around her. It signifies a loving relationship where the man protects the woman while she provides emotional support.

Spooning each other: When either one of them has their back to the other while the other one’s chest faces their back, it is called spooning. Usually, the couple is caught in an embrace. The one spooning the other is the protector in the relationship who shields the other from all obstacles. The one inside is who needs that protection and deeply relies on their significant other.

Back and chest to each other but in touch: There are also couples wherein one person sleeps with their back to the other while the other one faces their back. They maybe sleeping with some gap between them but they still stay connected with one body part like a toe, hand, etc. touching each other. Such couples are thought to be as independent who may have conflict of interests and opinions. But they may still have mutual affection for each other.

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