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We oftenw hear others complain about being single. It makes you think that being one is a very bad situation to be in. Maybe they don’t realize the wonders of having only yourself to take care of.

For the single fellas, here is something to laugh about. The things that are too real for you.

Default hotel and restaurant offers are for couples

Why will you pay for an extra when you’re the only one having dinner or occupying the room or having dinner. Right here, you will realize that it’s just the default offer and that you can ask them to prepare something good for only one person. Yes, the realization comes in that people are expected to be with someone else. No pressure!

Being single is happy and sad

Happiness is a choice and you always choose to be it. But, there are days that you feel awful for not having someone to cuddle with in the heavy rain. You are fine being alone, because who needs someone else when you can do everything. But, there are moments when you feel like you have been left out and deprived of the happiness of loving and being loved. It’s sad, but you’re happy with the perks of just looking after yourself.

Single quotes everywhere

Opening Twitter and Instagram feels like an overflow of quotes describing your single life. You feel like everything posted on these sites are for you. Sometimes, you’re tempted to post a thing or two because it just hits close to home. But, you have welcomed the realities of singlblessedness that it does not matter what others say.

You get nervous about first dates

You are a ball of nervous energy that you bail out of dates. The last date you had was years ago and you forgot the protocols of the having a first date. So, you are more likely to refrain from dating (and dating sites for that matter) or even cancel date plans because you’re nervous. Better avoid puking your dinner or choking on those salads than go through the ordeal of dating. It is no wonder why you stay single.

Be bitter at some point

Most of the time, lovely couples does not bother you. They even make you wish to meet the perfect partner someday. Yet, there are times when you just want to see the world burn together with the sweet couple from your neighborhood. The statement “nothing lasts forever” has crossed your mind while seeing couples having fun.
Never worry about the evasive love, it will come at the perfect time. So, continue being your awesome self.

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