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Making a commitment is a basic foundation for serious long-term relationships. There is no single thing to do to be committed. Making a commitment requires you to do a list of different things. Partners who have committed relationship are less likely to break up or experience relationships troubles. Read the following guide from to answer the question, what does it mean to be committed in a relationship?


Making a commitment in a relationship starts with building trust. Honesty of both partners is an integral part of committed relationships. Avoid lies of any kind. Your relationships should be completely transparent. The more honest you are the better. Don’t keep any secrets from your partner and require the same treatment for yourself in exchange.

[div]Attention and Interest[/div]
Your commitment in relationships rests on your ability to be interested in the life of your partner. It means participating in the life of your partner and encouraging him/her to participate in yours. In many ways you have one life for the two of you because you chose to be together. Therefore, be attentive to what to your partner has to say and express interest in his/her activities, opinions, favors, etc.

[div]Support and Care[/div]
Lack of support and care indicate a non-committal relationship. Naturally, though, partners in serious relationships are expected to provide care and support for each other. Being helpful is a virtue worth maintaining. Providing support and care is one of the best ways to express your feelings and make your partner believe in your good intentions.


Partners in committed relationships communicate their thoughts, ideas, and opinions effectively. You are expected to build certain channels of communication between you and your partner. Successful communication depends on two things – talking and listening.

Making a commitment requires you to share with your partner. Try talking about anything or everything as long as it matters. What bothers you also bothers your partner because you are together. Expressing yourself is always a good thing. Don’t be secluded or shut down keeping everything to yourself. This way your partner might conclude that you have secrets or that you don’t trust him/her. Expressing yourself also makes it possible for your partner to help you.

Listening is just as important as talking, so try to keep a delicate balance between them. Always listen carefully to what your partner has to say. Be attentive and express concern. You should never, under any circumstances, ignore your partner. There really is no a lot of thing more offensive than ignoring somebody. People who are together should never ignore each other even when they don’t have what to say.

Plan your future together. Serious relationships imply that people are ready to plan their future together and not just stay together for present time. Include your partner in your dreams. Express your desire to be included in the plans of your partner. Live towards your future together and be happy.

Well, so what is a committed relationship? It is a relationship in which partners trust each other. Making a commitment presupposes being honest and transparent. Successful relationships also depend on care, support, attention, and interest. It means always being there for your partner. Finally, making a commitment requires building effective channels of communication. Without it partners find themselves unable to reach understanding. Now, go on and make a commitment. Good luck!

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