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Writing an essay could be a hurdle especially when it comes to long academic papers that require a respected amount of time and concentration. Luckily, some magical trick which manifests itself in music can help us through the process. Music makes at our disposal countless songs and styles that we can choose from to keep us company and elevate our mood.

Music is amazingly so rich and abundant. The question here remains whether to make a mere random choice of what to listen to or a careful one that is based on reasoning. The following are the top song picks for anyone who is striving to write an essay and could’t find the right music.

[div]Mozart’s Piano Concerto No 21[/div]
This composition is a great choice if you are clueless as to what to choose while writing an essay. The melody of the violin playing in the background with smooth transitions helps stimulate the flow of ideas and maintain their thread. Such a piece has an inspiring theme that thanks to the melodic sounds of the violas and violins brings your mind to a balanced and peaceful state suitable for the fulfillment of your writing task in a timely manner. Most importantly, this music is perfect for pre-writing steps such as braistorming and mind mapping. It improves the collection of thoughts and the organization of ideas and information.

[div]Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata[/div]
If you are looking to get immersed in your writing task and forget about the whole surrounding world, then this piece is ideally suitable for your writing context. While listening to it, you would discover that it evokes in you a sense of harmony and self-assurance that encourages you to be more productive.

[div]Imogen Heap’s The Walk (Instrumental)[/div]
It is highly recommendable to listen to this melodic instrumental music. Indeed, it is essential for writing tasks because it takes the listener to a dream-like resort where only soft background tunes are playing and infinite streams of ideas are starting to take shape. The clarity of thoughts gained from this piece adds to the effectiveness of writing.

[div]Alexi Murdoch’s Through the Dark[/div]
Despite the fact that this song contains some lyrics, it has proven to work wonders for writing efficacy. Personally, to write my essay, I usually opt for this piece. It helps me accelerate my writing pattern yet maintaining a good quality. In other words, it is so relaxing that you would play it over and over again. It gets through the soul and mind in an easy way.

[div]Nihls Frahm’s Says[/div]
It provides all that an essay writing task requires : calm and soothing situation that pushes you to express yourself more efficiently while writing. Through the relaxing effect of its fine tunes, the awareness of what you are writing increases considerably through concentration. This very song is so interesting regarding its deep calming and non-distracting effect.

[div]Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune[/div]
The team from EssayZoo recommends to listen to this instrumental piece for various reasons. In fact, writing while listening to such amazing music gives you the impression of being in an open-air place in a summery night with skies full of shining stars, which pictures an appropriate and cozy environment for writing that detaches you from any possible hustle and bustle around you.

[div]Ludovico Einaudi Divenire[/div]
The effect this music gives while performing an essay writing task is surprisingly hypnotizing. While the tunes are playing in the background, you get the sense of mental control over your ideas and the structure of your essay. In particular, it attracts your creativity and productive abilities to excel in writing. This choice allows you to adopt the shapelessness of water ; in that, its melody boosts your performance and helps overcome any limits or obstacles related to the writing process.

[div]M83–Midnight City[/div]
While proofreading your essay, it would be suitable to enjoy some rhythmic lyrics. It also counts as a reward for having successfully finished your writing task. Whereas, it is recommended that you keep the volume low because the proofreading task also requires concentration.

[div]Coez –La Musica Non C’è[/div]
There is no harm in listening to some Italian sweet music while doing the final touches to your essay such as paragraph and content formatting or editing of titles and subtitles. The presence of lyrics is not disturbing in this case. Instead, it helps bring you back to the real surrounding world. So it acts like a smooth transition from the the world of intense concentration and harmony to the world of noise which might be TV sound or your mom talking on the phone. The brain needs that careful transition to adjust itself to different situations.

Music remains a central component to the studying process thanks to what it offers in terms of mental and emotional control over tasks such as writing. To achieve the best results while writing an academic essay, the above suggested musical pieces are best suited for the creation of a comfortable and harmonious writing context. The proposed top picks make at your disposal splendid pieces of music based on the stage of writing you are in.

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