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Peter Mr. P and Rudeboy Paul Just Broke Up not Long ago though fans are blaming and insulting Paul that he’s the cause of the separation that he went too far.

Even if Paul wants to keep the problem secret, it will surely explode because there’s no happiness anymore and like Mr. P explained in his interview recently.

He said that he’s no longer in charge whenever they went to shows, that is only his brother Paul that will make a decision and the DJ will stood by it.

And he also said he’s not going back to Psquare, even in the next life, yes Peter was heart broken and he fought very hard to make peace but it looks like Jude And Paul don’t need his peace.

Sometimes I asked what could be the problem between them?

Some said is Peter’s wife that she’s the devil behind it and their mum told them not to marry from another tribe. They are just guessing cos we know nothing about it.

Peter on his twitter handle vowed never to leave his family, her wife was with her when he’s nothing and recently they celebrated their 13years together, four years in marriage while other years are when they are still dating.

To my own view I think Peter’s wife is not the problem here but Paul is and Paul told his fans that he’s sorry for his actions and making his family problems public and as it stands now there will be nothing like Psquare anymore why?

Peter is not interested anymore. But I don’t know about Paul if he will still want his brother back.

[strong]Music Ratings[/strong]
First Mr. P released his first track cool it down followed by for my head, wonderful songs but the truth is, Paul is the real Psquare when it comes to singing, Peter can sing very well but he’s not too inspirational like Paul and Paul is very good at singing while Peter is international when it comes to dance moves.

Fans insulted Paul Releasing his tracks that he’s still using the old method that his brother came out with a new style yes because he’s not the voice behind Psquare but Paul is so fans should stop disturbing Paul about his style because that’s him and nothing can change that.

I pray that peace will rain between them cos we his fans we do emulate their togetherness and love so far before this separations.

May God bless Mr. P and His Brother Paul Rudeboy.

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