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Pearl Thusi has more spice than a curry shop, so she ain't about to take any lip from her followers.
The actress is not about to take a lashing from fans over her tweets and comments, including backlash for a recent photoshoot she did that was considered to be 'black-face' because she was painted to make her darker in complexion.

Pearl wrote a cheeky string of tweets telling her critics to take a hike because she was so unbothered.
"My levels of unbothered are so high right now that I’m low key bothered only about how unbothered I am. And to everyone who tweets stuff just to incite a reaction out of me... it’s 2018 guys," she tweeted.

Pearl said the secret to her newfound state of mind was learning some Harry Potter-like spells to turn negativity into empathy.

"Maybe it’s just a grown up thing. I’ve made my choices, I’m happy with them and nothing can change that so whatever people say doesn’t offend me. (I've) heard enough terrible things directed at me that I’m now an alchemist- I transform negative energy to empathy for those who send it out."

She then turned her attention to all her haters and told all those who were offended by her actions of late to build a bridge and get over it.

"To all those offended by me of late- sorry that I’m not sorry. But I adore you and the fact that you clearly care. You’re more than welcome to dislike me. I sleep like a log at night."

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