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Pls Use Your School End Point.
Volume of pepette = 25.00Cm^2
Indicator Used = Methyl Orange
Final reading Cm^3|25.00|34.00|29.20|24.10|
Initial Reading Cm^3|0.00|10.00|5.00|0.00|
Volume Of Acid Used In Cm^3|25.00|24.00|24.20|24.10|
Average Volume of Acid used =(24.00+24.20+24.10/3)cm^3

part of the C dissolves,colourless filtrate salt
C is a mixture of soluble salt
white precipitate formed
Cl is present
precipitate dissolves
Cl confirmed
colourless gas evolved with characteristic choking smell, turns litimus paper blue
Gas is NH3
Residue dissolves liberating a colourless gas which turns lime water milky
gas is CO2
CO^2-3 present
3i)A white precipitate of barium sulphate will be formed by the instant reaction between barium chloride and sulphuric acid.

BaCl2 + H2SO4 = BaSO4 + 2HCl

3b)Iron sulfide reacts with hydrochloric acid, releasing the malodorous (rotten egg smell) and very toxic gas,hydrogen sulphide. FeS + 2 HCl → FeCl2+ H2S


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