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A bird which one has got in the hand is always more valuable that two or three birds which await one in the bush. That is so because, the birds in the bush can
always fly away and leave the person with nothing while the one in his hand cannot escape. So if the person lets the bird in his hand go free and tries to catch those
in the bush, they may also fly away leaving him a complete loser. It is always wise to utilize whatever opportunity is at hand than look forward to some other
opportunity that may come in future with more advantages. It is better to be satisfied with whatever change is there and make the most out of it than wait for a
better one which may never come. This applies to people also. Those who are near to us and willing to help are more valuable friends that those who are away.
Those who are away might not be willing to help at all. So it is foolish to reject whatever help is at hand. The wise man always relies on the present instead of laying
his hopes on future gains.
As the saying goes “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, which is popularly applied to variety of daily life, because it warns us about the effects of greed,
we can conclude from it that risk control can be an important element of investment.
Firstly, people do not want to take risk, especially when the amount of capital is large. For example, when a person has only 2 dollars to invest, he would be likely
to buy a lottery, which has a very low probability of getting income that means a high risk of investment. While if he has 200 millions, he would be more careful so
that he might take a less risky investment
item. So we can get to the conclusion that the risk of investment and the amount of capital may have a negative relationship.

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Question 6
Feats- skills
Steadied- pesitroned
Mystified- baffled
Hasty- hurrily

6 h )
i ) Feats - Act
ii) Aides - assistant
iii ) Steadied Firmed
iv ) Mystified - Puzzled
v ) Unscathed - Uninjured
vi ) Hasty - quick

: 6)6)
A.The Massive crowd gathered under the big Iroko tree
B.He had assistance from three aides
C.He definitely know the three guns were not loaded.
D. The American wanted to know if the show was real.
E. The man wold have died
F.It means the magician ran for his dear life

G.--Adjectival Clause
--It modifiea the noun "Feats"
II. aides---assistants
V. Unscathed--unharmed
a.The massive

: 7 a )
i ) the individual ( victim) is firstly affected as if challenges his health
ii) the ummediate family of the addict is not left out as they suffer stigmatisation from the society
iii ) drug addiction also affect the society as if it may cause road accidents
7 b )
i ) children should be educated on the adverse that affect the drug addiction
ii) the dealers should be justify and apprehended by the law enforcement agent
iii ) the victim should be given proper treatment

Nigerian Summary

Individual is affected by drug addiction causing erratic damaging behaviors.
The family of the addicted is also affected causing stigmatization in their community.
The society is also affected by drug addiction which lead to increase in criminal activities.
The tool of education should be employed to sensitized the youth about the menace of drug addiction.
Our law enforcement agencies should be empowered to apprehend dealers of these drugs.
Early treatment given to the addicted person will go a long way to combat drug addiction in the society.

Illegal falling of trees refers to the felling of trees on a massive scale without any simultaneous efforts aimed at replacing them often resulting in damage to the quality of the land.
Environmental impacts of illegal falling of trees include is management Loss of revenue undermines efforts to place the forest sector on a more sustainable footing, as lost revenue cannot be reinvested in the sector. Furthermore, because illegal logging is often unsustainable, future sources of employment and export revenues are not realised.
Illegal logging also distorts global markets and undermines incentives for sustainable forest management, as illegal timber is often cheaper than legal timber.
The social impacts of illegal logging are diverse. Illegal logging undermines the rule of law and is often associated with corruption It may also entail a lack of recognition of the land and resource use rights of forest communities, or of the rights of other concessions holders. This can have negative impacts on the livelihoods of local people and result in conflict. The revenues from illegal logging may also fund national and regional conflicts, as has been the case in Liberia.
Illegal falling of trees could be solved by:
1. Reforestation: This will involve an intentional and decisive plan to plant trees in order to replace the ones already lost. This effort can be driven by both the government and private individuals. In 2005, about 1 million hectares of land had been reforested in Nigeria. The National Environmental Standards and Regulations Agency (NESREA ) has been empowered by law to tackle this project.
2. Protection of Existing Forest: The available forests need to be protected jealously. The
Government at all levels have a huge role to play in this. Protection of the forest will entail enforcement of logging regulation to restrict logging and implement a compulsory “plant a tree program” for all loggers. The government also needs to equip the existing forest guards with the necessary tools and equipment with which to do their job effectively and efficiently.
Strict penalties should also be put in place to act as deterrent to would be defaulters.

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