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When you are preparing for an exam, there are many resources at your disposal. While it is great
to study extensively and master all the content necessary for your certification examinations, you
need to test yourself to know how much content you have mastered and how well you would do
in an actual test. That is where Prepaway comes in by offering you indispensable test software
called Vumingo ETE - Exam Testing Engine for your practice and exam preparation. It is
designed for helping you to prepare for your certification tests. You can therefore prepare for
your examinations whether you are at home or on the move since it is mobile friendly.

Prepaway is not only limited to ETE, but also has a vast amount of training resources for your
certification exams. The sole purpose of the website is to help you prepare for your
examinations. The study materials offered by Prepaway include video training courses, exam
overviews, exam dumps, an exam simulator, and a blog page to keep you up to date with the IT

PrepAway offers:

1. The exam simulator (ETE) that designs all practice tests available on the website to enable
you to effectively prepare for your exam. All PDFs and other .doc files get .ete extension that
turns a monotonous preparation process into something dynamic and efficient.

2. Training resources to help you pass your certification examinations. The website offers you
multiple courses through video training on the certificate you want to sit for an exam. The
training resources are the best tools to help the candidates succeed. Prepaway offers you the
best opportunity for success.

3. Free exam dumps that include all relevant study materials for every vendor, whether it is
Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, Juniper, VMware, or Oracle.

4. Latest blog news about IT certifications and the IT industry. This enables you to stay updated
on everything that is going on.

5. Identification and correction of any weaknesses that the candidate has. You cannot do better
than this; it means that you actually get the opportunity to rectify your mistakes before you
sit for an exam. The best part is that Prepaway not only identifies your areas of weakness
(knowledge gaps), but also guides you through the process of rectifying your mistakes.

6. A feedback on your exams to enable the candidates to focus on the most important things and
polish them before they sit for the actual examination.

Main reasons for choosing Prepaway:

As you can see, Prepaway has very impressive features and it is easy for you to begin to
understand the reasons why you should choose this training platform to help you prepare for
your certification exams. Here are the main reasons for choosing Prepaway:

ï‚· Accessibility. It is easy for you to access all the training materials for various certification
programs that are free of charge. This means that any candidate can access these training
materials to use them to prepare for the exam they are sitting for. The Prepaway website is
accessible 24/7 hence you can use its services at any time of the day or night. There is no
time you will log onto the Prepaway site and do not get the service you are looking for. This
makes it accessible to all candidates who come from different time zones. Due to the
presence of study materials from multiple certification programs, you cannot miss the
particular resource that you are looking for. You also do not need a password to log onto the
website or a code to download study materials. In terms of accessibility, Prepaway is surely
the best.

ï‚· High-quality resources. The resources in the Prepaway website are extremely dependable
due to their high quality. They are developed by the experts in the IT industry hence they are
very reliable. They offer training resources that include current exam questions, which enable

the candidates to familiarize themselves with the layout of the exams and adjust their
preparation angles to match with passing those certification examinations. The braindumps
containing every resource present in the major certification exams, including the ETE exam
simulator, have been tested and proven by users to be efficient and helpful.

ï‚· Extensive description of courses. Prepaway offers you a full description of courses for the
certifications you are taking, which enables you to find study materials that are relevant to
the type of a credential you are pursuing. If you are new to the certification field in the IT
industry, this website is the best choice for you because you will be able to get your course
outline and immediately start studying and preparing for your exams.

ï‚· Opportunity for feedback. ETE not only gives you an opportunity to gauge your
performance, but also helps you evaluate your level of preparedness. Prepaway gives you a
feedback after every exercise to help you polish your areas of weaknesses. This helps you to
shift focus from reading everything to concentrating on the areas that need your utmost
attention. The expert instructors offered by Prepaway will guide you to correct any
weaknesses that come up from your practice exams and help you understand every concept.

ï‚· Free service. All these study materials, help from the IT experts, and the use of ETE are free
of charge. You do not spend a coin to access these services. What else could be better than a
quality free service? Everyone regardless of their financial situation can access the services
offered on the Prepaway website. You do not need to plan for this service but rather use it as
many times as you need it for you to prepare thoroughly for your certification exams.

ï‚· Results. We cannot talk about the effectiveness of preparing for your tests without
mentioning results. You prepare for an exam for achieving a good result, and Prepaway does
not disappoint when it comes to this. This training platform has helped many candidates
succeed in their examinations with extremely good results. You will get the best outcome
with Prepaway due to its extensive and quality study materials and exam testing services.

Bottom Line

If you are about to sit for your certification exam or you are an IT professional who wants to
advance your career, choose Prepaway to prepare for your examination, succeed and stay abreast
of the latest advances in the IT industry.

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