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September 16, 2018 ( Post 1 )

So after sending out a tweet to Tim Cook few days before the Apple Event, I wasn’t invited but that shouldn’t surprise you that much, I’m a big bad Android lover, yeah I’m not a hardcore iPhone fan, Lol. I guess he wanted me to watch the event via twitter. Well, I’m happy I watched the event online and I really analysed the 3 new iPhone series because here at, we have all the details of all the products that were launched that day and I’m here to give my verdict. Well, I’m not here to tell you the latest iPhone series is not great, NO. I think they’re fantastic, they have a lot of good specs but as for me, I’m not going to be singing all that praise right now in this post. I’ll do that in another post or better still, leave that to all other tech bloggers but for now let me tell you the top 5 things I don’t like about them.


Just the same way Apple removed the 3.5mm jack without thinking about our feelings or our opinions, they gone ahead to remove that iconic round home button that iPhone users love so much which also doubles as a fingerprint scanner. I guess they want to give the phone a new edge-to-edge design but a lot of smartphone users are so used to the fingerprint unlock. The round home button give made the iPhone look very pretty and unique. Now they replaced it with Face ID, meaning you must either use the Face ID to unlock your phone or the old school password feature. How insensitive of Apple.


Yeah, you’re not the only one who thinks these new iPhones have really weird names. A lot of us techies do also. I mean what was Apple thinking when they came out with bad names like these ? What kind of naming is that ? XR, XS and XS MAX. Lol, try pronouncing those names 5 times consecutively and see if you won’t bite your tongue. What does XR even mean ? X-RATED or what. I think there are better names Apple should have adopted like the iPhone X Pro, iPhone 2X, or even iPhone

3. PRICE $$$

okay, after much outcry from the masses for Apple to give us an affordable iPhone, I guess they finally listened to our cry and announced that a cheaper “budget” iPhone will be coming. The new was received with wild jubilation and expectations were high. Finally the “budget” phone is here, the iPhone XR, and guess what ? There’s nothing budget about the price of this phone at all. The XR is the cheapest of them all and it starts at $749 (N270,000) for 64GB, with 128GB and 256GB also available for $799 (N290,000) and $899 (N330,000) Approx while The premium XS is $1000. The worst part of it for me is the fact that it doesn’t even have OLED display, it comes with LCD (Liquid Retina). I don’t know when a $750 smartphone became a budget smartphone unless the meaning of budget has changed in the dictionary.


If you are expecting a huge battery in this phones sorry to burst you bubble. Apple refuses to tell anyone what the sizes of their battery is. They just say the battery is a built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with fast charge capabilities (except the XR). Talk time of up to 20-25 hours bla bla bla. Just tell us the battery size and save us the long story. Well I guess the battery is not going to be all that especially with the XS MAX with massive 6.5 inch OLED display. Experience has taught me to forget what you see on paper.


The design I see on these new iPhones are really disappointing. As a tech blogger I have reviewed smartphones with much better designs than what Apple is offering us right now. There’s really no big improvement on the designs, the notch is still there at the top, a really “big” notch. The only impressive thing I like about the iPhone XR is the fact that it has a wide varieties of colors to choose from (red, blue, gold, black, white).

My Final Verdict

Unless you’re a real HARDCORE APPLE FAN, otherwise I don’t see any reason to upgrade. Apple is definitely going to record big sales this year as usual but I think they have a lot of work to do. They really need to start listening to their fans to know what they really want because Android makers are not smiling at all. As of now, it’s not easy to explain to buyers why these phones are worth buying.

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