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PREMIUM TIMES has now obtained detailed copies of
tender documents being discreetly issued to prospective
In one of the documents, the Senate indicated it was
buying 120 units of Toyota Land Cruiser, 2016 model.
Other details of the vehicles included that they must be
“American Brand, V8, VXR, 5.7, Auto Engine WITH
The senators also want the vehicles to come with
integrated navigator cruise control, QI-Compatible
wireless charging and Kinetic dynamic suspension
system, as well as being “full option”.
On November 21, the Senate also put up another advert it
labelled “addendum”.
The latest advert under Lot 2S, which was couched to
look like an oversight in the first advert, was for the
purchase of vehicles for the use of the senate president’s
Under Lot 2S and based on the tender document, which
we have also obtained, the national assembly is seeking
to purchase a 2016 model Mercedes Benz S550 for Mr.
Other vehicles being procured for Mr. Saraki include four
2016 Toyota Prado jeeps, four 2016 Toyota Hilux SS
(Auto) as well as a 2016 model Toyota Hiace Bus.
The spokesperson for the Senate, Aliyu Sabi, could not be
reached Saturday to comment on these new procurement
as his telephone was switched off the several times our
reporter called.
The Director of Information of the National Assembly,
Ishaku Dibal, declined to comment on the matter. He said
he was driving and couldn’t comment after our reporter
put his question to him.
Subsequent calls to his telephone failed to connect.
PREMIUM TIMES carried out a market survey on all the
vehicles being bought by the senate and we can confirm
that the upper chamber would spend over four billion
naira of taxpayers money to enhance their taste for
Specifically, give or take, vehicles are valued at
Although there are 109 senators, the lawmakers are
buying 120 Toyota Land-cruisers. It is not clear where the
balance of 11 vehicles would go.
We arrived at our figure of N4.7 billion after computing
the cost of the vehicles, 35 per cent duties to be paid,
and another 35 per cent levy.
There is also the expected 35 per cent profit margin to
be made by each supplier based on the requirements of
Nigeria’s procurement act.
Our checks revealed that a Toyota Land Cruiser, 2016
model, goes for $84,000, and at the current exchange
rate of N250 to the dollar, it amounts to N21,000,000.
If 75 per cent of cost is added, being duty, levy and profit
margin (translating to N15, 750,000) each vehicle would
cost Nigerian tax payers N36,750,000.
Given that the senators propose to buy 120 units of the
vehicles, the total figure is expected to be N4.41billion.
As for the convoy of the Senate president, we found that
Mercedes Benz S550 2016 model goes for $95,650,
which translates to N23, 912,500 and addition of 75
percent (duty, levy and profit margin) takes the total cost
of the car to N49,020,625.00.
For the Toyota Prado SUVs, we were able to determine
that each unit costs $73,000, which equals N18,250,000,
while a 75 per cent addition of levy, duty and profit would
put the cost of each at N37,412,500.
The total cost of the four (4) Prado Jeeps being acquired
for Mr. Saraki is N149, 650,000.00.
Equally proposed for the Senate President’s convoy are
four Toyota Hilux SS, Auto vehicles each costing $50,150.
At N250 to the dollar, each Hilux Van would cost
N12,537,500 and an additional 75 percent would
skyrocket the price of each unit to N25,601, 875.00.
The total figure for the four being proposed amounts to
The last vehicle under consideration is a Toyota Hiace
Bus 2016 model, which by our findings, goes for $65,000
or N16,250,000 in naira value.
An addition of 75 percent, being duty, levy and profit, put
the cost of the bus at N28,437,500.00
Below is the number of vehicles and estimated cost in
120NOS Toyota Land Cruiser — N4,410,000,000:00
1Nos.Mercedes Benz S550 — N49,020,625:00
4nos. Toyota Prado — N149,650,000:00
4nos Toyota Hilux SS — N102,407,500:00
1Nos. Toyota Hiace Bus — N28,437,500:00
Grand total: N4.739,515,625.00
A cocktail of illegalities
PREMIUM TIMES can report that the acquisition of cars
for senators is a violation of the monetisation policy of
the federal government.
Under the policy, no new vehicles should be purchased by
any agency of government for use by officials.
Rather, public officers and political office holders are to
receive 250 per cent of their annual basic salary as motor
vehicle loan, which translates to N5.07 million for each
Our sources at the National Assembly said the Senators
got these loans before also proceeding to acquire these
new Toyota Land Cruisers.
Also, the President of the Senate is said to have inherited
the vehicles used by his predecessor, and Senate insiders
say “he really does not need new cars as the one he uses
are in top condition”.
But even if he needs new cars, the number being acquired
for him is in excess of what the law provides.
According to the Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and
Fiscal Commission, the Senate President is entitled to a
maximum of six vehicles, and not 10 as being bought for
He is entitled to two official cars, one pilot car, one
protocol/press car, one ambulance and one security car.
Members of the two chambers of the national assembly
are renown for their taste for exotic vehicles even after
receiving monetary pay in lieu of official vehicles based
on the provisions of the law.
The Senate had in the last legislative session bought
Toyota Prado Jeeps for each Senator at the cost of over
N1.3 billion, coming after both chambers had also bought
Toyota Camry, for Senators and Peugeot vehicles for
members of the House of Representatives.
The allegedly shady deal involved in the purchase of the
Peugeot vehicles formed part of the charges against then
Speaker Dimeji Bankole when he was taken to court after
completing his term.
What N4.7billion can do If deployed towards enhancing
healthcare delivery, N4.7 billion can be used in building
235 primary health care centres across Nigeria (enough
for at least 6 health care centres in each state) at the
cost of N20 million each.
The money, N4.7 billion, can also provide over 470,000
children with insecticide-treated mosquito nets at
N10,000 each, saving them from the scourge of malaria
which today kills more than 300,000 Nigerian children
under the age of five annually and responsible for 11 per
cent of maternal mortality cases yearly, according to
experts at the Malaria Action Programme for States
Still on healthcare, over 10 million Nigerian kids could get
complete malaria treatment dosage, at N460 if the N4.7
billion was directed to this life-saving purpose.
If that money is spent on boosting yield of farm produce,
the amount can cover the cost of procurement of about
626,667 bags of fertilizers for Nigerian farmers at N7,500
The money –N4.7 billion – can also offset a six-month
wage bill of 40,000 minimum wage workers presently
owed salary payment by some state governments seeking
bailout from the federal government.
In order to provide conducive learning environment in
schools, 470,000 sets of school furniture, comprising
table and chair at N10,000 each, can be procured at the
cost of N4.7 billion. Yet kids sit on bare floors to study in
many schools across the country while the
parliamentarians gets N4.7 billion to buy cars.
In the housing sector, at N7million per piece, the country
can provide 671 additional cheap housing for citizens;
and provide 51 thousand households with potable water
at N92,000 per household connection.
Show entriesSearch:
Unit Cost Amount from 4,700,000,000
Safety net 10000 470,000
Malaria Treamtent Dose 460 10,217,391
Cost of complete immunization 5,750 817,391
Cost of 2-lane road 90,000,000 52
Healthcare centre 20,000,000 235
Low cost housing 7,000,000 671
Cost of Water for an Household 92000 51,087
Fertiliser 7,500 626,667 Cost of a school building 20,000,000 235 Minimum wage 18,000 261,111Showing 1 to 10 of 11 entries

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