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“Here I was, thinking she was still in love with me this past one year” he said to me as he turned to face me with brokenness in his eyes. I never knew guys too could get heartbroken till I saw my 26 year-old cousin torn apart after he found out his 3 year-old relationship had turned out to be a total waste of time, money, energy and emotions.

“Wasn’t there a way you would have found out that Amaka was no longer interested in you? Didn’t you notice her change in attitude or anything?” I kept asking him in the forewalls of my thoughts. I dare not ask him out loud, especially now that he was in a bad place. I simply just stared at him not wanting to be too close or emotional, I didn’t know exactly how to comment to his brokenness because the said Amaka was my very close friend.
“I knew she changed, she no longer cared about me over time. She stopped being excited and I thought…..I thought probably she was having family issues. Apparently, I was wrong”. Yea, he replied to my thoughtful questions even though I didn’t ask. I couldn’t bear watching him feel so terrible. I knew Amaka was tired of the relationship long ago because she told me. I couldn’t be so direct with him but I tried to tell him. Ayo would never listen to me…. Now see what has happened.

I excused myself and walked out of his bedroom, out of his house but not out of his life. Obviously, we are family and family always are stuck together.
Like I earlier said, I knew Amaka lost total interest in my cousin because she told me. When a girl begin to lose interest in a guy, here are some of the things she starts manifesting.

1. She no longer gets jealous. If she was the type of girl that used to accuse you of sleeping or making out with someone else or if she use to nag you about spending time with your female friends and of a sudden she stops. She stops caring if you spend forever with a female, then my brother…beware!

2. She lets you do the talking. As we know it, Ladies like to talk on and on and on. She talks about her day to her nails to her boss in the office to what she thinks about Nigeria and everything “talkable”. In fact, most of the time she is the communication initiator. When you start realizing that you do virtually all the talking, she barely talks to you about anything, the conversation is as flat as a dead tyre….then that’s a sign.

3. She takes no effort to look good in front of her once dear boyfriend. Ladies tend to wanna always look good for their spouse. They wanna wear the best make-up just to appeal his eyes. When a girl has lost her ability towards a guy, when she no longer cares about looking good for him….then, there is a problem.

4. When she misses your call, she doesn’t care to call back. Normally, she’ll call you a thousand times when she gets a missed call from you but when you call a million times and get no call in return or get one few days after then be getting prepared for a break up small small.

5. She prefers to hang out with her friends than with you. Of a sudden, she just falls in love with her females friends. So much that she can’t accommodate you. She spends time with them, she would rather be with them than with you and of course you notice it as unusual.

6. She reply your texts/chats lately and vaguely. You send a text or you try to chat her up on whatsapp but she replies with a single word or a short phrase leaving out so many details and she’ll take forever to do it.
7. She talks about other guys even though the are just friends. If the only time you see her happy and have a detailed conversation with you is when she talks about other guys, then the babe is tired of you af.

8. She doesn’t want you to touch her. (No kissing o, No touching o) I guess you understand this one yourself.
9. She snaps out of the “our future together” talk. When ever you bring the “in-five-years-from-now” topic, shes always quick to change it.

10. She doesn’t ask questions about you anymore. She barely ask how you are doing or cares about your details

11. You just know that there is a space between you and her. The best detector is yourself. Just that many a time, we fail to trust our guts but deep down you’ll know that the bae doesn’t want you and she’s giving you enough reason to do the break up yourself.

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