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Making it in life comes with a lot of sacrifices but that is when you know exactly what you’re dealing with.

We all grow up with certain characters. These characters prevent us from making it in this world. It could be negative or positive, either way, it can still prevent you from making it in life if it is to the extreme, that’s why it is important to do everything in moderation, let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Too Meek

It’s good to be meek because even the Bible admonishes that such people will inherit the Kingdom of God, but when it comes to becoming successful on earth, being too meek or submissive can ruin your chances of ever making it. We are living in a jungle and the rule of only the strongest survives is real and if you really want to make it, being too submissive is not the right way to start or else people will continue to trample upon you and prevent you from ever reaching your goal.

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2. Too Honest

It’s good, to be honest, but as the saying goes, “The truth hurts” and some people are not good at taking it. So while you might think you’re being honest, your honesty might step on the toes of others and so when the need comes for people to push you up, they might rather avoid you. If you notice, people who are very honest are always avoided, making them loners. Sometimes, you need to look at the situation and see if it’s good, to be honest, or just shut up.

3. Disrespectful

We are living in a small world and so don’t ever think the person you’re with today will remain same forever, a time will come you will need the services or help of that person, so no matter where you find the person, it is very important to respect them because you might not know when you will need their help. Word travels and you don’t want the tag of “a disrespectful person” following you wherever you go.

4. Over-Confidence

It is very good to be confident but when one is over-confident, it can ruin a lot of chances and definitely can also lead to a lot of oversights. If you know you are not good at something, don’t be so confident about it to the extent it ruins you. This habit has caused many a lot. If you know something, just execute it without talking too much or making it look like you’re the only one with knowledge about it.

5. Greedy

No matter what you do, you can’t have everything in this world and so it doesn’t make sense when one wants to be so greedy. When you set yourself on the path to acquiring everything, remember one day, you might end up with nothing. Be content with what you have now while you aspire for greater. Never try getting what belongs or what is supposed to go to someone else for yourself.

6. Unforgiving

As the saying goes, “one good turn deserves another” and “what goes around, comes around”. Any person who is unforgiving will surely end up facing the gun one day and will definitely also need forgiveness one day. It is good to be forgiving because one day you will need that same gesture from another person to sort out a mess you created.

7. Vengeful

Just like being unforgiving, being vengeful can lead to a lot of problems. Such actions create an unforgiving cycle that never stops and so one day when you want help from someone, you will not get it all because you were too vengeful. Being vengeful can also lead to you reacting in a way that you’ll end up regretting later.

8. Bossy

Nobody likes to work with people who are too bossy and so it is better to be a bit friendly when working with subordinates or else one day, you will end up with nothing. The people around you are those that make you successful and so if your character sends them away, who will do the job for you? Think of King Agorkorli’s story and you will realise at the end of the day, the people he had to rule, left him to rule himself.

9. Womanizing

We are human and we all have our weaknesses when it comes to the opposite [email protected]:’ but when you just can’t keep your hands off the body of women, then you are definitely heading for the ditch. This is because, too many women will let you lose your focus and more so, you have to spend on each one of them unless you’re a gigolo and in that case, that is actually a business.

10. Alcoholism

Alcoholism is just like flushing your money down the drain because the moment you become addicted, all your money and your dreams will surely go to waste. Being an alcoholic or drunkard takes a lot out of you. It takes your time since you’re never really sober to think of anything else and it steals your personality. It can also deprive you of certain opportunities. Who wants to work with an alcoholic?

11. Kindness

It’s good to be kind but not all the time and I will never advise anybody to part with their last pesewa all because of kindness. As we stated, one good turn deserves another so you can’t put all your trust in people. Be kind where you think when you fall, there will be something safe to land on because sometimes kindness is not different from being an alcoholic, all your money can go down the drain for nothing and the people you help will not help you up when it’s your turn.


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