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January 15, 2017 ( Post 1 )

The administrators of MMM have decided to stick to their words by resuming the scheme a day earlier than the proposed date. This is a sweet relief as [email protected] who had money in the scheme had panic attack when the money doubling scheme suspended their operations.

However, millions of Nigerians who were affected by the suspended scheme can rejoice as their day of celebration has come. After being mocked by [email protected], the sweetest relief they could ever have is the return of the Ponzi scheme.

Many of the [email protected] were left in doubt as they waited anxiously for January 14th, the day the scheme was meant to be reopened as stipulated by the administrators. The portal being opened ahead of the st time made it even better for everyone affected.

While you are busy rejoicing over the come back, there are new conditions set by the scheme that you need to know. This will determine how long you will have to wait before getting paid and how active you will be from this point.

Find below the nee conditions set by the guiders upon the return of the scheme:

1. Payment of certain amount per day
The guiders know that they are going to experience a rush upon the return of the scheme. Therefore, they have decided to activate internal output limits which will keep them in total control of the money going out.

This means there is a restriction on the amount of money that can be paid per day. This according to them is to ensure stability and help them the scheme kick off properly. They are mindful of the fact that their members are in doubt and may want to pull out.

2. Members with small
The scheme is aware of the fact that they are most likely to be bombarded by Get Help (GH) requests thus, they are going to make gradual paybacks.

In line with the condition above, payments are most likely to be made to those who are ‘poor and economically disadvantaged’ first before reaching out to the richer [email protected]

In other words, members with small Provide Help (PH) will benefit from the scheme before members with large PH.

3. The rich [email protected] have to wait
With the scheme struggling to get back into operation and while holding on to the past glory, the guiders have decided to hold on with the payment of the rich [email protected]

This means that the rich ones will have to wait till they attain the stability that will make the scheme kick off.

The guiders backed their decision on this up by saying they warned [email protected] repeatedly to only provide help with amounts that are not critical to them.

They charged them not to be tragic about their decision. As usual, they appreciated the loyalty of their [email protected]

Check out the conditions in the notice sent out by the ponzi scheme:

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