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There are a couple of reasons why you might be fluttering those lashes more when you’re getting geared up for some saucy time.
Firstly, people blink more when they’re nervous. So if you’re sleeping with someone new for the first time you might be a bit anxious which in turn will make you blink more.

The other reason is very much to do with you getting turned on. You also might blink more because it’s the way in which your eyes stay moist. Your eyes need to stay moist when you’re getting aro.used because you need to have clear vision.

1. You Feel Like You Need To Pee

If somebody is stimulating your area down there you might feeL like you need to go to the toilet because the areas that are being stimulated are near your ure,thra. If someone is hitting the G-sp0t then you might especially feel like you need to pee.

Plus, there’s a function in your vajajay that occurs to stop you from peeing as you are getting turned on. The ure,thral sponge, under the, swells to prevent you from going to the toilet but the sensation this gives off might tell your brain that you do in fact need to go to the loo. So it seems that s3x can be confusing for all sorts of reasons.

2. Your U.terus Rises

As you get hot under the collar your body readies itself for penetrative s3x. One of the many physiological changes that occur is that the u.terus lifts up, thus lengthening the vginal canal. This obviously means that there’s now enough space to stick something inside of there.

This is one of the reasons why it’s important to play around before you get to the main event.
According to s3xologist Dr Kat Van Kirk, s3x will be more uncomfortable if the u.terus hasn’t yet lifted itself up inside your body.

3. You Get Wet

This is another physiological effect that needs to happen to avoid uncomfortable or painful s3x. A woman needs to be all lubed up for smooth pene,tration. This happens as you get turned on.

Blood rushes to the walls of your vgina, so much so that it causes fluid to pass through. The rush of blood is also what makes you all flushed in the cheeks and maybe on your chest and neck areas.

4. You Get A Lady Wood

Obviously a man stands to attention when he is aro,used. In a way, women do too, but the signs might be less obvious. As you get aro,used your vgina becomes twice as big. The area might even become firm because of all the blood rushing to it. Your n1pples and cli,toris become er*ct. Even your boobs swell up and appear bigger.

So your body changes a lot more when you’re getting turned on than you may have previously thought or noticed.

5. Your Pain Threshold Is HigherHigher

Another way in which your body responds to you becoming aro,used is that you become more tolerant to pain. According to various studies, as you get aro,used your pain threshold is heightened, and becomes even higher as you get towards the big O.

It’s no surprise then that s3x is recommended as a natural painkiller for migraines or period pain. There have even been reports of people hurting themselves during s3x without realizing until after the deed was done.

6. You Can Get A Headache

So on the one hand s3x is known to relieve pain. On the other hand it has also been known to cause headaches unfortunately.

So-called “s3x headaches” happen because of all of the excitement going on in your body as you’re getting turned on. These headaches might get worse as you’re about to cl1max. Usually these headaches aren’t anything you need to be worried about and are more common among people who get migraines already. But if it starts happening all of a sudden you might want to check in with the doctor.

7. Your Bits Change Color

Can you imagine if your vajayjay turned green or something every time you got turned on? That would make your horniness much more obvious, in a similar way to how you can easily tell if a guy is aro,used.

Anyway, that’s clearly not the case. But your labia do indeed change color when you get turned on. If you don’t have kids your lady parts are probably pinkish in color, they’ll change to a bright red as you get turned on.
If you have had kids the color will shift from a bright red to purple when you’re getting excited. Again, this is because of all the blood rushing to your nether regions

9. You Become More Open To StuffStuff

While you’re sitting there having your morning coffee the thought of someone worshipping your feet during s*x might gross you out.
However, studies have shown that, in women, the feelings and desires produced by getting turned on overpower feelings of being disgusted. In other words, you’re more likely to be into doing something you might normally find strange and gross if you’re turned on.

If you think about it, s3x can be a bit gross in general, there’s all the smells and sweat and other fluids going on. But we’re not bothered because we’re horny AF.

10. Your Brain Goes Crazy

Loads of different parts in your brain light up when you’re getting all hot and bothered. Hormones are released that give you intense feelings. For example, dopamine is linked to motivation so it makes you really really want to get it on.

Then there’s adrenaline that makes you all excited and gets your blood pumping. The hormone oxytocin is released later, during s3x, and this is what gives you romantic feelings about the person you’re doing it with. So basically your brain goes wild and gives you all sorts of thrills.

11. You Get Randomly Turned On

Men get ere!ctions out of nowhere sometimes. They might be sat on a bus, in class or at the office when they just pop up to say hello. This happens to women too, the results are just less obvious. Sometimes we get aro,used due to kissing and touching and dirty talk.

Sometimes we start randomly thinking naughty things and get randomly turned on in inappropriate situations. It happens to all of us, men and women. Also, we can have spontaneous cl!maxes while we’re sleeping just as men do according to the experts.

12. You Get Less And Less Excited About Your Partner The Longer

You’re In A Relationship
One study showed that a woman’s s3xual desire for her partner decreases as time goes by while a man’s stay the same.

The study of monogamous, heteros*xual couples showed that after nine months together the woman in the relationship showed a slight drop in s3xual desire each month thereafter. Some say that this contradicts the idea of women being more into monogamy than men.
Others claim that it’s because women become more interested in rearing children than getting busy. However there is proof that women are still interested in s3x after childbirth, so maybe they’re just not as interested in s3x with their partner anymore.

13. Some Women Are Constantly Turned On

It might seem like a wonderful idea to be constantly excited. But in reality, it can’t be fun to be aro,used all of the time. You’re sat there at a family dinner and you’re turned on, you’re at the cinema with your friends and turned on, you’re basically just turned on all the time.

The condition is called Persistent Geni.tal Arousal Disorder or PGAD and sufferers find that their arousal can’t be contained or controlled and is spontaneous. According to experts it’s a condition that has nothing to do with s*xual desire or being a nymphomaniac.

It can be problematic in the sense that it’s debilitating and painful.

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